Content Guidelines

  1. We can not accept any story or audio that falls into the following categories:
    i. Acts involving minors in any way
    ii. Incest outside of clear roleplay
    iii. Rape
    iv. Extreme violence or descriptions of physical harm
    v. Raceplay (including imitation of a race that is not your own)
    vi. Slave roleplay outside of a clear, consensual BDSM context.
  2. Absolutely no hate speech including racial, ethnic, or national slurs.
  3. Any audio that advocates unsafe, harmful, or toxic behavior towards others or themselves.
  4. Any audio that violates our guidelines will be removed.
  5. Any creator that repeatedly violates our content guidelines may be banned from the platform.
  6. Any work that features the voice, writing, or other work from another creator must be wholly owned by you before you post it on Syrin.
    i. Any other contributors to your work (e.g. writers) will be credited on our platform.
  7. We accept all forms of audio:
    i. "Audio plays"
    ii. Immersive audio
    iii. Audio sex blogs
    iv. Real recordings (includes ramblefaps, real sex, etc.)
    v. ASMR
    vi. SFW experiences (includes ASMR, BFE/GFE, comfort audio, etc.)
    vii. Podcasts


  1. Why do you have content guidelines?
    We love that fantasies and pleasure come in all forms and colors, but edgier or more niche content requires intense legal support and oversight.
  2. I'm not sure if my content violates the guidelines.
    If you feel like your story or recording is on the edge, see if you can find anything that's similar to your work currently in our library. If you're still unsure, email us.